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Howdy folks,
I got a Boston Scientific Altrua 60 single lead implanted last Thursday. I'll be glad when I can drive, dress myself, and sleep without tying my arm down. (I usually like to sleep with my hands behind my head)
The operation was a blast. Fantastic doc, crew, and hospital. Everything is fine. Had my first pacer check yesterday and was surprised to be pacing at 37%. I was wondering if that's good or bad. I guess good since it's been there when I needed it.
Another thing this morning is I've been plagued with runs of Atrial flutter, and A-fib, especially when I bend over or squat down. Don't know if there's anything my doc can do about that. I doubt it.
I have a single lead right now to control the bad effects of the Toprol. I'm tolerating it well. If this doesn't work, my pacer can accomodate 2 leads, just in case they decide to ablate the AV Node at a later date.


flutter here too

by Snoviper - 2008-08-22 04:08:08

I as well get it when lying down. Never notice when I am up and about. mostly if I kick back in the recliner or when I go to bed. seem worse lying on my left side.

about the flutter

by rayan - 2008-08-22 11:08:55

I also have the flutter & skipping heart, dr told me that the medcine should control it. Had surgery 2 mos ago, and put on the medcine then, but I still can feel the skipping & flutter, especially when I go to bed at nite.
Seems all gets worse at night.

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