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Just to let you I am after surviving a major flood. You might have seen us (ohio) on the news. We were one of the hardest hit areas hit. My house missed but my brothers house got hit reallybad with 2ft of water in the basement and it was coming up to their first floor level. All the in the downtown area got hit. There is a really bad order from the floods. You find out who your true nighbor and friends are that come out to help. Even the resturaunts and stores that didn't get flooded are helping with meals and such. I never seen a community come together in support of one another like they are now. This long weekend I think I will busy helping my brother and whoever else that were victims of the flood.This was a strange storm system that went through where it poured walls and walls of rain on us. We're in a level three state of emergency. Fema is still in town. It will be a mess for along time. Just thought I would update where I've been and what I was upto lately. Karen


Hi Karen --- I'm (was) from Ohio too!

by sugarleaf - 2007-08-30 10:08:53

'Sorry to hear that everybody back home is having hard times because of the flooding. I was from Mansfield, but I'm no longer there. I still have family there. I'd love to know more about your pacer (if you have one) and what type you have. I am going to have one before the year is out and I am wondering what types are best. My cousin wants me to come to Columbus and have my done there but I figure where I am will be just as good.
I'd like to hear from anybody about their pacer as I am researching models now so I can have an informed talk with my cardiologist next week. I want to decide the model/brand I get, not him. I'm nervous about having a pacer and what life will be like once it's in.

--- Gloria

Hi, Gloria

by Karen - 2007-08-31 04:08:46

I have a pacemaker. Its St. Jude dual chamber pacemaker. I've had it since 2001. Good luck with your surgery. There was an adjustment period after I got mine. The Dr.s will give you some rules to follow. Columbus is about 3 hrs. south frrom me. Keep asking questions. I didn't know you get to choose the model. I thought they decided on whats the best model is for you and your type of problem. I got my pacemake for third degree heart block and bradycardia. Karen

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