Arm pains


I have had my second pacemaker for 3 1/2 years and everything has been fine til my pacemaker check 2 weeks ago. The technicians said there was some atrial fibrillation and have referred me to a Consultant to do some tests and they also switched on a mode function on the PM which stops the ventricles being paced to keep up with the AF. Since then I have had chest pain (which I thought was indigestion to start with), aches and heaviness in my arms (both arms but not at the same time) and some numbness in the first two fingers, and some light-headedness. The pain in my left arm lasted over 5 hours on Saturday and I ended up in A&E. After lots of ECGs and blood tests they said they couldn't find anything. Obviously I'm still worried about this as I now have to wait for an appointment with the specialist which could by some weeks and I still have the arm pain intermittently. Has anyone else had these kind of problems or know what it might be? I also had the pacemaker checked and they said it was fine.


Arm pains.

by Stepford_Wife - 2008-03-17 07:03:18

Hi Morag.

Funny you should mention arm pains. I have developed the same thing 3 weeks ago, numbness in my fingers, the first two, and half of the third, and the thumb; and a feeling like electricity is constantly going through them, and a pain up the arms.
I went to see my PCP, and she diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome. I have to wear wrist braces at night, to prevent me from bending them inwards, which aggravates the condition, and might help to prevent having surgery.
It wouldn't hurt to have your doctor check it out, since there was nothing wrong diagnosed after your visit to the ER.
Good luck, take care,

~ Dominique ~

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