Surgery with a Pacemaker

Hi - My toddler has a pacemaker for CHB. I am pretty sure she is going to need eye surgery to correct her intermitant exotropia. While I am not at all nervous about her having a pacemaker, and I am not concerned about the eye surgery -- the combination of the two is flipping me out. I am extremely upset. Has anyone had a surgery and can you tell me if special precautions are taken b/c you have a pacemaker?



Surgery & Pacemakers

by lenora - 2007-04-10 02:04:41

Hi KKO, If your little girl's eye surgery will be done in a general hospital (as opposed to one that does eye surgery only) her cardiologist should arrange for her pacemaker check and an EKG to be done in the hospital the morning of surgery. An anesthesiologist will visit before surgery to take her history, so they will be aware of the pacemaker. She will be attached to a cardiac monitor during surgery to monitor her heart and pacemaker. Anesthesia should have no effect on the function of the pacemaker. Ask the eye surgeon before surgery if he needs to use any instruments which would affect the pacemaker. If so they could probably shield it. Good luck to you and your little one. Lenora

Don't know if this helps?

by bambi - 2007-04-10 12:04:55

I have had a number of surgeries with my pacemaker. They have all involved general anesthesia, and I did not have any problems. I know they take special precautions. With your child being so young, I don't know if the risks are the same as an adult. I hope someone with a little one can be of more help to you. There are some members who are very knowledgeable! Bambi

Surgery with PM

by Suzzy - 2007-04-11 02:04:35

I had open heart surgery that lasted 7 hours since obtaining my pm. All went worries!


Surgery with PM

by wyndilee - 2009-04-27 03:04:53

my daughter had her pacemaker placed at 9 weeks old after complications from open heart surgery and has many surgeries after and had no compilations because of the Pacemaker. she is now three and has had about 13 procedures.

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