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Can anyone who has had their pm, or wires replaced tell me if the surgeon went through the origional incision or did they make a new one? Thanks for any info.



It depends

by bambi - 2007-05-09 06:05:33

Hi Riley,
My incision has been opened 4 times. The first 3, were in the same incision. The last one was in the same area, but cut on a diagonal above the original. However, I wish my Dr. had cut in an entirely different spot, because since the last surgery, my pacemaker has moved and turned sideways! I had no problems when the second incision was cut over the original. I would ask your Dr. to tell you his plans and get him to reassure you if he's going to cut the same incision. Good luck and let us know!

Incision Site

by patpeter - 2007-05-09 07:05:44

Hi Riley, I had my 2nd PM placed in Dec. and this MD did not go through the same incision, he made it lower. I had a different MD for the first the 1st one, my current MD likes to place them lower for comfort, it was really his peference. I also had to have one of my leads replaced unexpectedly and they went in a different way because they could not get in the original vein. The different lead placement was a matter of necessity. So I think you should ask your MD what he plans to do and that way maybe you could have some imput. I hope that helps a little. It will go well, take care and let us know.


by riley - 2007-05-09 08:05:59

Bambi and Pat, Thanks for your responses. I asked the question because a week ago I was to have a new lead put in. I was sure my EP said he would go through the same incision but to my surprise as the steri strips started coming off I saw he cut below the original. Was wondering if that was the usual.
Pat, you had a new lead and they couldn't use the original vein. Where did they find to put in the new lead? Just wondering because they couldn't get the wire in my original vein either but my EP closed after 1 1/2 without putting a new wire in. I guess he couldn't find another good vein? My original wire is still working, just not the best it should. So, we're looking at plan B which will be a tilt table test 1st and then maybe a whole new PM on the opposite side. For now healing from the 2nd surgery.



by STennant - 2007-05-10 01:05:18

Went through and around original incision.

2nd pm installed today

by jpc1950 - 2007-05-10 05:05:27

I just had my 2nd pm installed a few hours ago. the surgeon opened the site using the same scar line. he didn't say why that choice was made. my new pm is a little smaller than the old one.


Lead repair

by theemrfrog - 2007-05-10 10:05:31

I had a lead replaced ten days ago. The PM was only in for 7 months. The Dr went in thru the same incision. The bad part is the cut is still not healed and is still leaking and is sore. Today the Dr said I had a little infecttion and now I am taking meds. I understand the second plus PM operation is always far more complicated than the first. Good luck.


by manuhomoeo - 2007-05-11 07:05:49

I had changed PM 3 times.Each time they put the incision a little lower.When I got discharged my physician told me that next time we will have to change it from right infra clavicular space to left infra clavicular space.
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