Back to the Chat Room Again!

I would really love to ejoy the chat room that is provided to us by Blake, but this is not working! Anyway it would be great for all of us to communicate in a nice enviroment. Blake can you have the room open all the time? Without specific times? that way when we log we can go directly there after reading postings of course and chat?? Anyway I am inviting all into my Facebook site...
Please help us out here Blake!

Love Colleen


Chat room thoughts ...

by admin - 2007-05-09 09:05:46

The times are listed to help members login to the chat room at the same time. You are free to use it anytime if others are in the room with you.

If I understand, you are suggesting the chat room be open all the time and appear in a small window on the site. (Something like instant messenger). I do not have the technical expertise to do this myself and would need to hire someone. I will add this idea to my list and may be able to add it when funds become available.


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