Thanks to all of you guys!

Hello everyone. Number one thank all of you who were concerned over the traumatic episode that i experienced. This place is a blessing! Well saw the pm clinic yesturday and got a tune up...The dr said that my icd was being too sensitive so that turned the icd part down a bit so it wo't jump to the conclusion that i was having cardiac arrest. Like some of you said it was a good thing that i had it, but you have to experience it to believe what a feeling! I know now what it is like to be struck by lightning! Again thanks to everyone for there caring.

All the best, Colleen


thanks to all you guys

by luckyloo - 2007-05-26 10:05:12

dear colleen,

my defib went off due to a fractured lead. the friction sent the message to my defib that i had an erratic heart beat. 31 joules i got hit with. i thought someone shot me with a shotgun. knocked me right down to the ground. i feel your pain! inappropriate shocks are no fun and certainly don't give you much confidence in the device. there is an alarm that can be turned on that will sound as the defib. is charging up to deliver a shock. you can then prepare yourself. do you have any anxiety over whether or not it will happen again? i did for a little while.


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