Hot tubs

I am having a my pacemaker changed next week and I was wondering how long I need to wait before I can use a hot tub. I planned a surprise vacation for my husband, and I paid more for a room with a balcolny and hot tub. I hope I didn't waste my money. Does anyone remember what their Dr's reccomendations were?

Thanks for you help!


hot tubs

by lucybell - 2008-01-09 08:01:47

Well I am very weary of using a hot tub due to all the bacteria and so much possibility of infection that I really do not use them anyway. But my doctor said that really most activities were fine- I have never read anything about hot tubs and pacemakers, except for the heat. I really would keep the pacemaker scar out of the water- there is so much bacteria in hot tubs that I really would not get the scar near the tub. I know plenty of people that have gotten strange illnesses from them so I would keep your scar away from it if you get in.

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