The weather has not been the best here in Alberta, Canada and lately we have been getting our fair share of rain, thunder and lightening. My question is, does anyone have concerns about being out when lightening is happening - we are probably be more succeptable in being hit then someone without a pm. Within the last week, several people have been hit by lightening here in Alberta.




by Stepford_Wife - 2007-06-19 04:06:07

Several people have mentioned that they can tell when a storm is coming. Apparently, their pacemaker acts differently. We just had a tremendously strong storm here in Denver, with lightening hitting pretty close to home. I felt nothing. No disturbance, no funny feeling.
I can't say that if I had been outdoors, I wouldn't have been hit by lightening, but it's a pretty remote possibility.
Although, any more, you never can tell.
My advice? Don't tempt fate. It's never a good idea to be out in a thunderstorm, pacemaker or not.
Take care,
~ Dominique ~

Never thought about that

by hooimom - 2007-06-19 04:06:34

Well, another thing I have never thought about with my PM. I live in Florida, the lightning capital, and I have never heard about being more succeptable. You just have to be careful about lightning, whoever you are. Thanks for something interesting to think about today!


No help here.....

by auntiesamm - 2007-06-19 04:06:35

Hi Suzzy - I am not of any help with your lightening question! You know the song "It Never Rains in California"? That is just about the truth and I can't tell you the last time I saw lightening. Yours is a very interesting question and I will be anxious to hear how others respond. Did any of the people who were hit by lightening have cardiac devices?

I have a very dear friend who lives in Peace River. Is that anywhere near you? She's from down here in the states but moved there a few years ago to be with the man of her dreams. Just last week she got her Canadian citizenship and is now a "dually".



by jessie - 2007-06-19 05:06:05

we here in southwestern ontario are in the path of tornadoes in summer and lots of lightning and thunder. i always go indoors and don't tempt fate even before this. stay out of swimming pools . bring children indooors. that kind of thing. i suppose we are a bit more susceptible but i would not think much. so stay indoors suzy in inclement. weather . i was in calgary about 9-10 years ago when they had a huge hail storm . well that was something. they ended up with a new roof and new siding out of that saved them a few dollars. lollol good always comes out of bad take care jessie


by Shell - 2007-06-20 02:06:07

I never thought about it before, my pm doesn't seem to act different when a storm is coming. I remember a few weeks ago we were going to my sons t-ball game and there was a chance of a storm. In fact, in the distance you could hear the thunder and once in awhile see lightning. It wasn't raining at all and the storm moved away so the game went on. I wasn't thinking about my pm making me more of a target. No, I was a little more worried because I was carried the aluminum bat to the feild.

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