Changing doctors

I have no luck with doctors lately. About 3 years ago my primary care doctor took early retirement. I was upset beacuse I liked him and had him for about 14 years. Then about 6 months ago the new one I had sent a letter saying he was moving. Fine, I found a new one. well, a few days ago I get a letter from my cardiologist (I have had him for about 3 years) saying he was moving. Is it me? Luckily there are 3 or 4 other cardiologists in his practice (and thet're looking for a new one) so I don't have to go somewhere else but it is a pain. I did see one of them once beacuase my doctor consulted him about something once (he seems nice and has pacer/ICD lissted in his specalities so that's a good choice) and I know someone who goes there and they like their doctor. so, we'll see. I happen to see him on his last day so I'll ask if he set me up with someone else or not. (I did call the office and it will be no problem to stay there which is good.) I definietly need to know too because they are the ones that regulate my coumadin.


Changing Drs

by lady4law - 2007-05-13 12:05:56

If you live in Los Angeles, I can recommand one.

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