I'm scheduled to see my cardiologist tomorrow at 3 and right after have my pacer check. I got a call a little while ago and the receptionist said they had to move it up. I asked what time. i was told 1:30. I told them I can't make it at then. I can't leave work any earlier than 2 so I wouldn't make it there until 2:30. I love how they think you can drop everything for their convience. If I knew yesterday maybe I could have worked something out. I don't have a job where I can just leave. (it was fun trying to explain that to them) i work as an aide, 1 on 1 with a special needs student. She's autistic and non verbal so I can't just leave her. (if it was someone else maybe) so they asked if I could call someone and see if I could leave early. (mind you I would have to leave at 1 and I usually leave at 2:30) When I said no one would be there they couldn't believe that the principal wouldn't be there. He might be but it wouldn't matter. It depends if another child is out or if someone was free. (wich i could have done today if I had known) As it is I was going to leave her with another aide to get her on her van and then have someone else do my bus. Of course tomorrow is my doctors last day. she asked who they were switching me over to and I didn't know. I was gonna talk to about it tomorrow. She put me on hold and finally came back thay they got me in to see another doctor (who I'll continue to see. I have met him before and he's nice) at 3:15 with my check after. Fine. As long as I'm home by 4:45 because my son has a t-ball game at 5:30.
This is the second call in 2 days from them too. yesterday I got a call at 6 telling me I was supposed to get my INR checked that day and if I had. (now the labs open till 7 so I could've still gone of they may have not gotten the results yet) I said no because I was planning on having them do it during my visit. (gotta save gas somehow) They were very rude about it. Yet I've had to call for my results at times. I wish I could get of the coumadin and go back to asprin. It would be alot easier.
Well, thanks for listening to me complain.


Ahhh the power of venting!

by ela-girl - 2007-05-30 10:05:45

I'm with you, shell! Sounds like we have the same luck when it comes to appointments being rescheduled. That's been my life for the past 8 months with just about every appointment I've had for something. I'm a teacher, so I TOTALLY understand your plight. It's like, "Duh! This is why I made the appointment for when I did and even then it wasn't easy for you people to do!"

Don't you just wish that everyone could do their job right the first time all while smiling! Like us teachers?! :)

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