They do match!!!!!

Hello Everyone - A great big thank you to everyone who wished me well on my knee replacement. And, especially to our little Valerie. I have never, ever been as astonished, surprised, astounded, etc. as when she walked into my hospital room not long after my surgery! God could not have sent a better angel! She is surely one of the most special people I have ever known and to think she is just 21. We will see really great things from her as she continues her education & begins her career. She really had to do some digging to even find about tenacity! Anyway, I really cannot describe to you all how good it felt to have her come see me. The card and gifts were so typical "Val" and I got a kick out of them. Thanks to Dominique and Maureen both for their personal messages they had Val include in her card. This is truly the reason why our club exists - it is a holistic approach to supporting each other. Valerie is just as cute as you can all imagine and I hope to get together with her soon and also meet her mom. They live about 20 minutes from me (unless like Val you get lost)! My surgery went well and my legs match for the first time that I can ever remember. I have to keep going to the mirror to look. I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for the kind words, good thoughts and prayers. I hope this conveys how much each of you means to me. Collectively, I don't believe you will find a finer group of people anywhere! God bless you all with His goodness.


Please remember...

by queen_beez - 2007-06-11 01:06:32

you too are one of the "finer group of people anywhere"
DIdn't sound as good as when you said it but you get what I mean. HeHe. I am so glad to hear that you on a good road of recovery. I am sure Valerie and this "family" helped to quicken it.I know we all have support from our own families but like you the support we get on here is just a little different then with them. We truly would miss the caring wisdom you have for us and the words well... you always seem to say just the right ones.
Please take it slowly and keep in mind. Remeber years ago the actresses that got their legs insured for 1million dollars. Well now you have those million dollar legs. LOL.
your "strange" friend,

i am not surprized

by jessie - 2007-06-11 03:06:20

i am not surprized you are doing well after such a complete sur[rize visitor as valerie must have been. she is like a breath of fresh air. so young so pleasant so funny. she is so totally funny. she helps one on a bad day to get on with things. if she becomes a doctor a nurse a physchologist or whatever she does it won't matter because she will be a success in anything as she has "got what it takes". so you do as suan says belong to a fine group of people. keep recovering sharon and enjoy your new look lol lol jessie

Keep up the spirit.

by Stepford_Wife - 2007-06-11 12:06:37

Hi Sharon.

It's so good to hear that you are doing well. Two matching legs! Imagine that!
You can now join the chorus line with the Las Vegas show girls. Lol ! Or get a pair of the new 6" spike heels, to show them off!
Keep us posted on your recovery, don't spend all your time in front of the mirror, hehe, take care,
~ Dominique ~

you're the bee's knees

by valerie - 2007-06-12 04:06:35

I'm glad you're doing well Sharon! I knew you would be; you're one strong person, especially with your faith in God. Excellent :)
Anyway, everyone on this site would have done the same thing if they lived nearby b/c you mean so much to us.
I'm glad you got a "kick" of the items you got. I hope you used the Chinese Finger Trap on a demented doctor, lol.
Anyway, please keep us posted on your recovery. We are all cheering for you to get better :)
take care,
P.S. Getting lost is kind of educational. Since I forgot to create a MapQuest for directions BACK home, I was able to see different areas I've never been before. :)

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