To Smitty

Hello My Friend,

Thank you for your recent postings on several subjects and your words of wisdom. When you post it makes everything right in MY world. I especially like your last posting under the Religion & PM debate. You summed it up extremely well and I appreciate how well organized your thoughts are. I tend to be all over the place. This topic has created some of the most interesting responses in a long time which is very healthy. The number of "reads" is really up there! What a wonderful country we live in that we can express our thoughts without being chastised or punished. When you don't weigh in for a while I really do miss you. Take care and God bless you.


Thanks Smitty

by hooimom - 2007-08-22 11:08:58

You have been such a help and source of information to many of us. Your responses to the Religion and Pacemaker post were right on target. Thanks.


Religion and pacemakers

by MJH - 2007-08-23 07:08:36

Ditto! I tuned in to the televised sermon of a well-respected minister in Nebraska on Sunday 8/19 and found his ending remarks to be right on target:

"Because this year is the 50th anniversary of my ordination, I want to make a few closing comments about religious life. After 50 years in the ministry, it is my impression that as a general rule, human beings never behave more badly than when they believe they are protecting God. God doesn't need our protection.

During these 50 years, I have come to prize holy ignorance more highly than religious certainty and to seek companions who have arrived at the same place.

My prayer: God grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway, the good fortune to run into the ones I do, and the eyesight to tell the difference. Amen."

My sentiments exactly! Mary Jane

Thank You

by SMITTY - 2007-08-23 12:08:53

Hi Sharon & Michelle,

Thanks for the kind words. I'm always glad to hear someone may have ben helped by something I posted. But this is really a two way street. I also find the message and comments from all of you very helpful. So, y'all keep up your good work and I'll keep trying.


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