Is an AV Node Ablation a good idea?

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Hope this finds everyone doing fine. I appreciated all your comments with questions I've had in the past and hope that you won't mind helping me again.

My cardiologist and EP have given me 3 options in regard to my chronic a-fib. I had an open heart Cox Maze procedure in Feb '06 and an ablation and PM (unexpected) in July ' spite of these procedures, I still get bouts of a-fib just about everyday. My heart rate will rang from 60-145. They feel that I could start Amiodorane to see if it helps, but I was warned of all the side effects (I also have a chronic lung infection). The second choice was another ablation with a new biventricular pacemaker (was told I would have a 60% success rate - my luck is not good, so I would be in the 40%) and the third option is an AV Node Ablation and the biventricular PM. I'm more inclined to go where the most success would be....the AV Node Ablation. I wondered if any of you have had one and your opinion as to whether it was good or bad. To me it's a major decision...being totally dependent on a mechanical device.

I appreciate any input you may have....this is the greatest support group with a group of great, caring people!!


AV Node Ablation

by Seniorcitizen - 2008-03-22 09:03:23

After trying 2 ablations back in 2001, they had to cut the av node and put in the pacemaker. I am completely dependent on the pacemaker for LIFE. If it stops, so do I.....I have a Boston Guidant Model 120....

AV Node Ablation

by Seniorcitizen - 2009-06-28 03:06:22

I had my second pacemaker installed in December, 2007. I had two ablations before I got my first pacemaker and they cut to AV node ablation. I am completely dependent on the new pacemaker for life. It has 3 leads...Bigger than lots of other pacemakers. It is the only thing that keeps me alive. If it goes, I go. They had thought that two ablations would cure the afibs but nothing.......I live with this thing in my chest. I have trouble with wearing bras and the area is always sensative. I bought something to wear between the bra strap and my body. If anyone is interested, let me know. I wish you all a good long life and you can write to me anytime.

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