**Thank you all so much.**

Hello to everyone,
thanks to all of you who sent me birthday wishes last week.it was so nice to hear from you all .just like having a big family.which basically this club is..thank you all.

For those of you that have been following the postings of Pacergirl (Susan) and my self on her trip to the UK from the States.....Sad to say it is all over now .....the week went so quick.and Susan is back home safe and sound and back to work today.
But what a lovely week we had...even the weather was kind to us...It poured with rain for two weeks before the visit then while Susan and Hubby were here..we had wall to wall sunshine.....and it has not stopped raining since they left!!!!!

It was so exciting meeting for the first time ...a day I will never forget ..Susan is a lovely lady just as I had thought she would be ....My wife Nina was on holiday for the week and my 18 year old daughter Hollie as well..we had a great time and we all went out to dinner on the evening of my birthday.....such a lovely day one to remember for ever.....
You will love this my friends!!!!!! Susan and I had so much we needed to talk about ..since she has a pacemaker and I have an ICD rather than bore our partners with all the details we decided to take each others partner's out to lunch.so we swapped for a couple of hours it was great fun. So my wife took Tim to an English pub for lunch and Susan and I went to a beach front cafe for tea and cakes.... all much to the amusement of my daughter>>>>>>>>.

In all we had a wonderful week and God willing we will be able to do it again next year.... and for those of you who remember ....I was hoping to be fit enough to meet Susan and hubby at the airport....yes I did make it and also got through the week with no major health issues and as an added bonus I also made it to take them back to Gatwick airport...at this point I would like to thank you all again for your advice and support.... you have all been so wonderful and I could not have done it without you......And just a note for Smitty I wont hide when you tell me you are on your way..I am sure Dot and Nina can keep us fed an watered while we idle the days away..he he... I will get into trouble for that when Nina reads this.ha ha.

So people Susan and I will get something organised so you can see some photo's of our experience. and hope many more of you manage to do the same ..it is absolutely wonderful exciting thing to do....it certainly done wonders for my old heart.
But beware a week is not enough..... it takes time to adjust to a diferent time zone and a very long tiring journey... two weeks would be a better option especially as most of us have heart issues.. I can't actually talk for Susan but i know how hard it was for her.... So To Susan and Tim I say thank you for your time and effort coming over here to see me. it is something I will never forget .......
Take care everyone keep on pacing ...Peter


Peter and Susan's visit

by CathrynB - 2007-05-29 05:05:59

Hey you two:
I'm quite certain I'm not the only one who had a smile on her face every time I read about this plan and the trip. Thank you so much for letting us all enjoy it vicariously and imagine something similar someday! It's wonderful that Nina and Tim were so involved and supportive too, and what a great idea about the spouse swapping for lunch -- lol!!! Can't wait to see pictures, Cathryn


by jessie - 2007-05-29 06:05:34

i think it is great because it relieves the other partners from listening to all the ins and outs of heart disease. that was a great idea. hehe so it was a successful trip and you give us all courage to try and plan a trip like this. we are a very special group of people and i am glad that i found you all. i too can't wait to see the pictures maureen

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