Almost 1 year now

Good morning to All,

Well a year is almost passed that pacemaker was implanted and Thankful for new lease on life. Still have some issue that need answering but have not found them yet!! so here it goes to all of you any suggestion /comments ? Is this the way it will always be????
1) Still the numbness continue on the letf side and yes the arm too always seems asleep Why?
2) When I bend over to tie shoes are scrub floors the chest feels so very heavy Why?
3) Sometimes I still get really dizzy and tired then must lay down to rest till it passes.Why?
4) Still have lots of Chest heaviness and discomfort wtih some shortness of breath
5) General health is Great no changes in the meds for a year now so BP is stable but still have issues that I can't find answers to.

Cardiologist says some people are more sensitive to the pace maker and gives no suggestion not due in to see him before Sept

Thanks M&MSweets



by patpeter - 2007-06-17 06:06:10

Hi, I agree with Jessie above that there should be some answers to all of your problems. Usually numbness and the sensation that your arm feels asleep is nerve related, maybe something is pressing on a nerve? And your feeling of chest heaviness and still getting dizzy seems to need to be addressed by a doctor. Maybe you should get a second opinion? Just seems like you should be feeling better than this after a year. I hope that helps and good luck , keep us informed.

hi yummy

by jessie - 2007-06-17 12:06:15

hi m&msweets, i need to stay away from those. i had my implant a year ago for braddychardia so about the same time as you. i have none of your symptoms. your issues sound like their should be answers. i was checked for heart problems and i don't have any other heart issues except for the electrical system. i am dependant for sure on my pacemaker. i get it checked once a year. i go to london ontario to university hospital where it was implanted. it would seem that there would be some reasons for your symptoms. all i know is i had to keep going back until i had answers and then they found out what was wrong. hope that you can find the answers. there is a site you can write into and a doctor will answer questions. hopefully you can get some answers jessie

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