Running with ICD

I've started to get back into running, but I find when I go from a fast walk to a slow run that although my heart rate stays the same I get a sensation that feels like my heart is being paced - the heart does not feel normal. Any suggestions on what might be happening?



Running with ICD

by SMITTY - 2007-12-14 11:12:08

Hi David,

I’ll make a comment, although I can’t say I know what is happening. First, I’m surprised that your heart rate will stay the same when you go from a fast walk to a slow run. But therein may be a clue to what is happening.

In my case, if I were to increase the load on my heart by stepping up my exercise level, the rate response on my PM would have (my rate response is now turned off, but that is another story) would come into play as it would sense a need for my heart to increase its output. So, what I’m saying is if the rate response is activated on your PM, you could very well feel it trying to help, especially if the power output is set higher that you actually need. So long as your unassisted heart rate is sufficient to meet our needs your pacemaker is not helping with the result you do not feel the pacemaker. When you make that PM go to work you start feeling it.

I just noticed that you say ICD. If you have a defibrillator and not a pacemaker, then forget what I tried ot say as I know exactly nothing about a defribillator. However, I've seen pacemakers called ICD as well as a pacemaker, so I'll go ahead and post this.

Good luck and a Happy Holiday Season to you and your family,


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