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hi this is my second time to post,i went to the er in my home town with chest pains racing heart,dizziness and very weak,they called a guidant rep to come to er to take readings ,she turned down the lower chamber as low as she could,and left the er dr,sent me home with an angina attack, told me to follow up with my family dr next day, went and the ekg reading then sent me to a heart institute, where the pacer was put in 2 yrs ago, the tech was thier and he said the bottom chamber was pacing before the top was given a chance to do its job, my bp was as low as 90/44, now that they have lowered the output in the bottomof my heart i feel worse than i felt before, i am tired by the time i go to the bathroom, i feel like i have just ran a marathon please help me to understand what is happening to me, every tine they mess with this pacer its worse than the time before,and for the past 2 yrs ive been to the er, cardioligist more than a hundred times. any comments will help.


sometimes it just takes time...

by bambi - 2007-08-28 11:08:08

I know that every time my pacemaker settings are readjusted, it can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks for me to feel ok again. The clue is to be persistent in getting the techs and/or Dr. to understand how you FEEL regardless of what they think is a perfect setting. Most of the time when I have the energy to argue a bit, and dig my heels in to make myself understood, I get better results and can feel an immediate change for the better. Unfortunately, because I'm paced 100% up top, and seem to need a pretty high voltage, this uses the battery quicker. I know they are always trying to save my battery life, but I feel horrible when they turn down the voltage. Hang in there, and ask for a longer appointment time to sit down with your Dr. [not the tech], and ask him/her to try to get your settings a good match to get you feeling good! Good luck!

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