Has anyone had any experience with Mexiletine.


Old drug

by Peter.Nash - 2007-06-14 05:06:41

I was on this stuff for 3 years .I think in its day it was quite useful.... however I alwayays found it shall I put this ......a bit toxic..... the dose is usually quite high I forget exactly something like 800 mg's a made me very sick and lost a stone in wieght where I could keep nothing down also had one capsul stick in my throat and it actually burnt me so bad I could not swallow for days ..then iwas put on another drug to protect my stomac from the mexitiline eventually they dropped the dose down to 200mgs a day. which never controlled my heart and eventually my ICD went off and I was finally taken of this drug and put on a beta-blocker.

Having said that we are all different and dont react the same to a specific drug..Peter

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