Time has arrived!

Hi, everyone
The time has finally arrived for my departure, one very long and stressful plan which has finally come to fruition! I have waited for this a very long time, and of course not everything goes according to plan! But I will say that much” if you have something to aim for? Give it your best` and keep at it! I had my ups and downs but, still I hang in there! And I am heading off to France as one may say! To test the waters! For the ones that are not familiar with my plan if you click on that site“
http://georgegabriel.hitmuse.com/ this will take you directly to my web page, even though it`s in French if you then click on “ecouter les MP3” in French means listen to the Mp3, you will then be able to listen to some of my recordings! And this is why I am heading off to France and Europe, some opportunities have come about, and I decided to give it one last throw of the dice!
But not before having said this message, loud and clear! If it wasn’t for this Pacemaker club website, and the solid support I have received during my difficult times from all of you out there and in particular for the likes of Electric frank, Catherine Hale, Bob Smith Ian Mc Clarron just to name a few! I just would not be in that position I am today!
A plain thank you to this club is only an under statement, I cant think of the right words to thank everyone for their tremendous support!
So I am heading off in about a week`s time! For any of you who would like to contact me, you may still write back on this website as I will be checking from time to time from France, or simply by leaving some comment on my French website listed above, just look at where it reads in French “Laissez un commentaire” meaning leave a comment! You can write it in English of course! It will be nice to get some English comments as well as the French ones already there!
Well once again, thank you all! Just a bit nervous it`s my first time with my PM,I hope they wont give me a hard time at the airport!
Thank you all, and God bless!
George Gabriel,


G'Day George.

by IanMcC - 2007-06-16 08:06:19

G'Day George, all the best mate, I'm sure you will have a great time, and I'm sure you will knock em dead.
Break a leg!!!!
Best regards; Ian McClarron.

Bonjour George.

by Stepford_Wife - 2007-06-18 12:06:06

Bonne chance en France. Je suis sure que vous allez avoir beaucoup de succès.
Quand j'ai quitté Paris, les chanteurs à l'époque, étaient: Hughes Aufray, Johnny Haliday, Sylvie Vartan, Claude François etc. Vous n'étiez probablement même pas né.
Bien que toute ma famille se trouve à Paris, je ne connais aucun des plus récent chanteurs. Il est impossible d'avoir des stations de radio Française, ici à Denver.
Je ne suis pas encore repartie à Paris depuis mon implantation, car je suis très appréhensive de prendre l'avion. J'ai peur d'avoir une attaque en pleine altitude.
Dites moi comment votre voyage s'est passé, cela me donnera le courage de faire mes plans.
Bon voyage.
~ Dominique ~

P.S. J'ai écouté les MP3, vous avez une très belle voix.

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