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Hi there,

I, too, have a pacemaker fitted for VVS! It's been about 5 and a bit months now and it's still settling in to its new home... The first month or so, the RDR feature was going off all the time - even after I sneezed!

At my last PM check, I had a fabulous technician who went through all the readouts with me. Apparently, mine is (on average) doing the work for my heart for 35 mins a day... Now I know this isn't much at all - compared to other people here who are 100% dependent, but it really wierded me out!

After 24 years of unexplained fainting and then being told my heart was stopping, I am just so grateful that I finally found someone to fix me! Okay, it's odd to think that prior to the impant, I really wasn't functioning properly but I feel so awake now. Don't worry about the numbers and percentages that you hear at your pacemaker check ups - these technicians really are little geniuses, they can tweak our settings and make us feel a lot better! I don't think they're doing it to brag or show off - it's just their way of trying to explain the mechanics of something that's saving our lives everyday. I appear to be quite gushy today, so excuse me!

Happy pacing!


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