Re: tune up, Posted by RickSt on 2007-08-15 00:35

Hi Rick,

Fantastic news that you can get back to trucking! I was fitted at the end of last year and have had a few tweaking sessions with the pacemaker technicians since. The first few did weird me out quite a bit! I guess it's just your body reacting to having something else setting the beat. I, too, find the whole, "I'm just going to speed up your heart rate now" thing v.odd! My husband (a self-confessed geek who would probably like to have a go on one of the pacemaker computers!) always finds this part hilarious and makes a comment about how wierd that somebody is externally controlling my body. This usually distracts me from the bizarre sensations!

One of the main reasons I was fitted was because of a dippy heart rate, that would go up just fine but would then go into freefall afterwards. I would feel fantastic when exercising but within 30 seconds of stopping, I would feel like death (little did I know how literally!)... You may find you feel much better with the rate response feature on - I was told at the last checkup that mine had gone off over 250 times in the past 12 weeks. Pre-pacing, I was walking around feeling exhausted and light-headed but now things have settled down and I feel altogether more human!

Hope your recovery continues well and the rate response works wonders for you!


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