Shocking experience!

I turned my head and received a quite jolt at work, it ran from my neck to my chest and down my arm. It felt like I had been shocked but it might have just been nerve endings. It really was rather uncomfortable. I had this happen to me several times with my old pm but this is the first time since I got my new one in January 06. Anyone else ever have this happen?


Possible nerve pinch

by valbob89 - 2007-04-21 10:04:26

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I had a pain just like you describe. It happened after I spent a day painting trim in my house. I was kinking my neck looking up through my bifocals.

I saw my back doctor, who told me about all the nerves that pass between the spinal bones to reach face, arms, organs, legs.... A doctor can even tell which joint is out of whack by whether the pain is in your arm or whatever.

You may have done some kind of work or activity you're not used to, and strained some point in your neck. If it continues, you'll probably want to see your GP or an orthopedist if you have one. (Sadly, I do -- lower back, knees). I got a spine block in my mid/lower back, which reduced pain in my neck and lower back.


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