Hi all.
Just an update. I finally got to see my cardiac specialist for an follow-up and interogation. They turned my voltage from 5 volts to 2.5 (I was told going to a lower voltage does not help battery life) and set my lower rate at 60. It kind of different as my pulse has been so fast for years and I can now feel each beat.

The nurse told me to walk and lenght of the hallway twice and if I made it back I could leave the ward. I guess if you don't die in the hall you pass.

The interogation showed several episodes of a very high rate (+180) for 1 or 2 seconds. They do not believe it was interference, and wanted to start me on Metropol right away. I was able to convince the doctor to wait three months, and see what happens. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

Thanks and Happy Pacing



by Vai - 2007-05-17 02:05:05

Glad to know you're doing fine.
In my last interrogation (Feb), the voltage of my PM was turned down from 5 volts to 2.5 volts as well. Was told that 's the optimum setting too. Lower rate was reset from 60 to 55 bpm. So far its working out real well for me too!

My interrogation report showed 6 episodes of very high rates for 1-2 seconds. The tech confirmed it is not interference. She interpreted it as onset of an arrythmia pattern and the PM intervened successfully to restore normal heart rate.

I think the med you mentioned is metaprolol which is a betablocker used to manage or suppress fast heart rates. Your doctor would be best person to decide if you should go on the drug especially if your fast heart rate persist.

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