An update.

Hi all. I have not posted for a while, so I thought I would update everyone. I still read the site daily, and am greatfull for the information.
I had my lower rate set @ 80 in january and they were going to change the rate to 60 at a later date. When they changed the rate in May, within 24 hours of my base rate being set @ 60 I had headaches, dizzyness and was exhausted.
I waited about 6 weeks to see if my body would adjust and had no improvement. Mid june I had my lower rate changed to 70. The symptoms were reduced, but still there.
Today I explained everything to my doctor, he set my lower rate back to 80 and I felt an immediate improvement. My doctors comment was " Well I guess we leave you at 80 eh".
Its been all of 6 hours and I feel a remarkable improvement.
I'm just curious if anyone else has had simular side effects
Happy pacing
John S


Rate change

by Surferman - 2007-07-23 11:07:36

Hi John,
Thanks for posting your recent pm experience. We all learn, like you do each day, reading about the experiences of others. I haven't had a similar experience like yours but I wonder why some pm's are set at 80, others at 70 and some, like mine, are set at 60. Is it possible that the lower rate helped the battery to last longer??
I'm glad to hear that all is well with you.

Rate change

by Vai - 2007-07-24 12:07:06

Thanks for the sharing. This is good information. I received similar explanation from my doc and the PM tech. The lower voltage for the pulse does prolong battery life. The lower heart rate setting is a matter of individual need and comfort. The lower setting just mean that the PM "allows" the heart to beat at its natural rate and intervenes only when it falls below the lower setting threshold. So a higher setting means the PM could intervene more frequently so the demand on battery power naturally shortens battery life. The interrogation report also show the percentage of the PM supporting the heart rate at the threshold setting. This is also an indicator of potential battery life.
I don't think a lower threshold setting of 80 bpm is way off. Its a bit higher compared to some of the others (mainly between 55 to 60). I read somewhere that 72 bpm is actually a healthy rate for a young person.

Happy pacing.


by JohnS - 2007-07-24 12:07:23

I had talked to the doctor about battery life and they want the rate to be as slow as possible, and the voltage for the pulse and the length of the pulse as small as possible. This allows the battery to last longer. I was told I will need a generator change more often, but the doctor figures this is not a big deal.
John S

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