happy father's day

happy father's day to all the father's out there. our sight is made up of young old men women and there are many father's who to-day are honoured for being there. as for my own father he was great. life was different then and the expectations were different. all i can say is he took little for himself and saw that all five of us were educated and could fend for ourselves. he stayed when many would not have. he didn't have a father long himself so he had no one to identify with. so my advice is look for the positive and don't stay focused on the negative. we all have faults. we are human. so agin happy father's day jessie



by valerie - 2007-06-17 04:06:43

I agree with jessie, I've read a lot of postings from father's on this site, and they all sound like great dads.
So, Happy Father's Day to all of you!
I love thinking of what to give my dad b/c he is such a big jokester and the possibilities are endless, lol.
take care,


by admin - 2007-06-17 09:06:15

My oldest son and I took a mountain bike ride. We came back to the house full of mud and totally wet. My wife was not impressed, but my son & I loved it. It was great to spend some one on one time with him.


that is cool

by jessie - 2007-06-17 11:06:53

to go with your dad for a bike ride in the mountains. that is cool for dad and son. my dad came from northern ontario and in the summers we went back to visit grandparents and cousins. he took us blueberry picking and fishing. my grandpa had no electricity. he kept his food cool under the house. he had coal oil lamps for light. we loved it there. we swam in the creek behind his house and swung from trees. i was the only girl among seven boys lol lol brothers and cousins so i had to hold my own and do better than them. so happy fathers day blake and many more jessie

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