just going to watch the american fireworks over the lake. they have been amazing the last few years will let you know just how spectacular they were. jessie



by El_guapo - 2007-07-04 10:07:58

happy 4th to ya Jessie, and Pm ppl. that sounds like alot of fun, fireworks always look alot better over the water. i live in so. san diego and used to watch the fireworks in imperial beach, off the pier. ive been alot lazier these days, for the past few years my neighboors have been hook'n me up with my own little arsenal. not as nice as the real ones, my door bell rang this morning, when i opened my door one of my friends left a bag full on my porch. (Oh happy day!)


by jessie - 2007-07-05 02:07:57

they were spectacular accross from marysville michigan we parked at the side of the highway and they were just wonderful. what a show they put on. well another july 4th. happy independance day all you wonderful americans jessie

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