another problem

well the year 65 seems to be the year that everything falls apart. to-day i found out i have glaucoma in both eyes so will take drops. i also now have copd but take spiriva and this helps immensely. i also have i forget the name of it but you can't eat seeds or corn lol so i also have cataracts and in november the doctor whom i saw to-day will operate. last but not least i have a pacemaker. the worst of it is you are always running to doctors and i hate doctors lol lol so here i am going to one or the other all year. annoying. must not complain tho and keep the sense of humour as there are people much worse off for sure. i am enjoying life immensely and so that counts for something. i will see those two grandchildren of mine in a few weeks. there is lots to look forward too. so just wanted to keep you updated and soon it will be august and my year will be up for getting my pacemaker. so god bless everyone at this site and thnaks for all the frindship and support maureen


Remember,....worse things happen at sea.

by johng - 2007-07-13 01:07:11

Hi ! Maureen,
I'm sorry to hear of the new problems.
At least most of our 'age-related' problems are treatable.
We can usually get help of one sort or another.
I have a friend in Florida who has just celebrated his Eighty-fifth birthday. He was married three years ago (his 2nd. time) and honeymooned in Aruba. He had both hips replaced before the wedding, last year his right knee joint was replaced.
He had cataracts operated on in January this year, (not a total success).
He said to me last week, "I'll miss the ball games on TV. but I can still listen to the radio, I'm only deaf in one ear".
I hope you and John will make it to Florida this winter.
I will try to see you, if you come. You have always cheered me up with your chat, so please keep it going.


by jessie - 2007-07-13 04:07:36

yes definetely johng it would be good to meet and we have to keep it all in perspective for sure and like you say most is treatable your friend has an excellent attitude. so thank you sometimes you just wonder when will it end and i gues the answer to that is it doesn't till it is over lol lol so yes thanks for putting things in perspective maureen

Keep smiling

by Rewiredaussiegirl - 2007-07-13 09:07:17

Hi Maureen-Why is life so unfair at times!!?A friend of mine who I have known for years was also just told she has glaucoma last week.Her mother also had glaucoma.It seems to be heredity.Has anyone in your family suffered with it ? Another friend of mine has Macular degeneration and has tests every couple of months to see if she can still drive!! I was told last time I had my eyes tested that I have a bit of a cataract starting.Dont you just hate this ageing thing!?
Still we are lucky we were given a 2nd chance with our pacemakers .
I like you are also enjoying life and moments like seeing our kids and grandchildren are so precious .
Keep smiling-your friend Kay(Just missed you in chat today!)

"Golden years!"

by TR - 2007-07-18 10:07:05

More like the Rusty Years. I, too, have a pacemaker, plus COPD, along with glaucoma. Add three surgeries for Dupetron's (sic) Syndrome, and degenerative arthritis in the lower lumber and you really have a mess! You just have to keep going and maintain a positive attitude.

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