hi yesterday we went to london to nuclear medicine and they found my hysband has 65 % blockage and most likely needs bipass not angioplasty. just waiting to see surgeon. it is a little anxiety provoking when you read heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest can occur. anyway both our male friend and my brother went thru it and went back to smoking and drinking can you believe it? some habits die hard lol lol well just thought i would keep you updated jessie



by Silversmith - 2007-07-27 04:07:10

Hi Jessie,

I wish your Hubby the best.

Funny how some people just do not believe hell is hot. I had bypass surgery many years ago and it not only corrected my heart problem for a number of years (the blockage never stops, just moves to a new location in the heart) it also cured my smoking habit. I had smoked for 27 years and I have not had a cigarette in my mouth since the day I had the heart attack, in 1983. I didn't have to stop my bourbon though. In fact the Dr., bless his heart, recommended up to 2 oz of bourbon each night before dinner.

Wish you and your husband the best,


Bypass surgery?

by johng - 2007-07-27 07:07:13

Hi !
Maureen, I'm sorry to hear about John's problem.
I hope there are alternatives to surgery.
Tell him to take it very easy until he gets treatment.
This has got to be a worrying time for you both.
I wish you both all the best and hope things go well in the next few weeks.
Thinking of you both.

hell is hot

by jessie - 2007-07-28 11:07:26

i know what you mean. i look at people who smoke now and wonder as well but then i remeber. it is an addiction !too strong for some to leave. i was lucky i had a moment of truth and grabbed on to the lifeboat. not everyone gets it or can do it. i understand that. my husband has not smoked since 1983 either. so thanks for your help and thanks johng for the encouragement take care jessie

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