root canal

i just had partial root canal monday morning. i was unable to endure it all. the area was too inflammed. he closed it up and sent me home to let it settle down. when the freezing came out i was in excrucuating pain and had to take a very strong pain medicine. this helped and i go back thursday a.m. to finish. i am exhausted and am taking it easy. he also gave me a cortisone antiinflammatory for 3 days.. my head aches all the time. this has been very upsetting to me. i was at one time to-day feeling very ill sweating and just not myself. anyone else experienced this at any time before and after pacemaker. i have had many root canals . this has been the worse. jessie



by jessie - 2007-08-15 01:08:03

thanks i will ask him but i had not taken any codeine before this started. i got home had not had any pain meds for a few days and then the freezing came out. anyway it is better. at least tolerable to-day. tahnks for your experience as it could have happened as you say. jessie

Root canal.

by Stepford_Wife - 2007-08-15 11:08:00

Hi Jessie.

You could have had a delayed reaction to the pain medication. I'm allergic to codeine, and the symptoms you describe are identical to what I experienced after taking codeine.
Bring it up to your dentist, at your next appointment. I hope he can finish your procedure without any more complications. Good luck on Thursday, I'll get in touch to see how you are.

~ Dominique ~

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