an old fashioned tree

when i was a child living in toronto from 1945-1950 we had a 78 record of jean autry. on one side it was here comes santa clause. on the other i remember an old fashioned tree. well to-night my daughter purchased it on e-bay on a c.d. i told my brother and he had tears in his eyes. we were a family of 5 children me the girl in the middle of 4 boys. we went to catholic elementary school and believe me we were taught by the nuns and the brothers. so i will be able to play this for my grands and explain to them about the christmas tree in our living room. we didn't have family rooms we had living rooms. lol we had a t.v. with howdy doody. anyone else remember. so i am quite exited about this. i can't believe she found it. i could always find here comes santa clause but never an old fashioned tree. so i had to share this and maybe some of the other pacers in the agr range can also remember. take care merry merry christmas jessie


Me too Jessie

by bowlrbob - 2007-12-18 01:12:41

My dad got our first TV in late 1949. In Seattle, Wa. I do remember Howdy Doody and the other things you have mentioned. I also attended Catholic elementary school. And the sisters could teach albeit with a little pain at least in my case. Slow learner, LOL. Before the TV we sat around the Radio that was the big night. Listening to the Shadow and other radio shows that never quite made it to Television. It is fun to find a little nostalgia. have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Bowlrbob


by jessie - 2007-12-18 12:12:21

yes the shadow. i remember my brothers scaring me when he said the shadow knows. lol lol yes my brothers endured a little pain too by the brothers and sisters but we won't talk about that. do you think they were a bit phsycho? now it would not be tolerated. they could teach i will give them that. lol we had the first t.v. on the street so lots of kids would come and watch howdy doody after school. yess can you imagine the kids to-day liking this life. well that is just great you remember bob jessie


by katepeter097 - 2019-10-21 08:38:54

Agree with Jessie

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