ever since i posted the red sweater i have tried to post jessica and michael here in summer on our boat. also a picture of john but nothing happens . i need extra help with this. i don't know what i did right with the red sweater. lol guess the spam filter is copd



by Peter.Nash - 2007-12-19 11:12:16

Perhaps Blake would not mind putting pehaps a bit more "in depth" comment to this album problem
As I am sure with the festive season coming up fast members will want to upload a few pictures..... such as what is the max file size one can safely up load ..we know it has to be a jpeg but I think some people who are not to sure won't know how to evaluate the size and with some of these modern digi camera's the size of the files are enormous.... and also is there anything else we should now about what chokes the album up.. if these things could be expkained to members in simple terms it may just speed thing up some what..... just a thought .. happy days all Peter N.

It's not us ;-)

by pacergirl - 2007-12-19 12:12:13

Hi Jessie, it isn't you. I suspect that somehow a photo was posted that was in the wrong format. One of us, and it could be me?, has made an error... file too large, or wrong colors, or wrong format. Not a jpeg?. So let"s let Blake know and see if he can fix it. The photo that has the problem has stopped the rest from loading. So until Blake fixes it we can't upload anything. I hope this makes sense. It is late here and it has been a long day. I fell on the ice and my Bum hurts! I am still weak from the flu and I still have shopping to do! whine.. whine. hee hee!
Oh well I am not perfect.. My heart is holding up well though. There's something to be said about pacers being a good thing!
love, Susan ;-)

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