Did your eyesight get better after?

I am 1 week post-op with my PM. For years I have been nearsighted (see things close up, but not far away). I could read and do close up things without wearing my glasses. But I needed the glasses to do things like driving and watching TV. I am still just out of the hospital, so I haven't been driving, but - I can see the TV just fine without my glasses, now. My BPM (beats per minute) was down to 36 before the PM, and now it is 60. Could the improved bloodflow have helped my eyes and hence eyesight? Anyone know? Should I make an appointment for new glasses that aren't as strong? The ones I have now seem too strong, and are uncomfortable to wear for long.
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by valerie - 2007-05-28 11:05:04

Well, I dont have an explanation for this, but I think that is totally awesome and interesting! If you ever find an answer, please keep us posted.
Good luck!

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by hooimom - 2007-05-29 03:05:25

No such luck for me. I am just as nearsighted as I was ten months ago when I got my PM. That would be a great benefit though.



by Syrano - 2007-05-29 11:05:57

I had the same thing happen to me once my PM went in 6 weeks ago. I`m very nearsighted and have worn glasses for like 30 years..(42 at the moment). Prior to implantation, I could not even read the clock on my cable box, the license plate on the car next to me in traffic, or even the leaves in the trees. I thought it was all due to needing a lense change. However, since I`ve become "one with my computers", my eyesight has returned as well. No real reason given when I`ve asked about this either. Might I suggest that you wait a wee bit longer than a week to see if it readjusts? LOL I made that mistake. Felt so much better immediately, that a week out of the hospital, I was back from literally overdoing things.....Wish you luck...and if you do get a reason for this occurring...post it here. I`d love to know.


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