Hello I hope Harley 63 gets this message, thank you i took your advice and went to see the surgent this week. Had pm/icd replaced 3/27/08, been experiencing pain under my arm pit for 5 weeks. They told me the pm is pressing on a muscle causing the pain 24/7. They told me they can go in again and move it under the muscle, I do not want to go thru surgery again, infection risk is high, they told me it would settle in within 4 to 6 months it should drop down once it does. Dealing with it and have to go back in one month. Im lefty which makes it harder to get anything done. Trying to cope, has anyone one else experience this. with the first implant in 2002 had no problem at all. Harley 63 thank you, at least i know there is something wrong, and hope it gets better. jbkeys


Still have some pain

by turboz24 - 2008-05-10 08:05:07

"settle in" seems to be used a lot by doctors, be it different questions from how badly the ICD/PM sticks out (Once the swelling went down mine stuck up worse) or to questions of pain.

I still experience pain from my implant 8 months after implantation, it isn't constant pain, but for example, mine ached all day yesterday. Now it's fine where it hurt yesterday, but today the lead area is hurting some. Not saying that it will not subside, but I believe a lot of people experience some off and on discomfort from the implant. My current EP basically said that if I was experiencing discomfort/pain from the implant, I would probably always experience some discomfort/pain.

I just personally don't like the "Settle in" comment, because to me that sounds like the old placation that a lot of doctors seem prone to doing.

Left arm pain

by harley63 - 2008-05-11 09:05:28


Glad to hear that you've been evaluated and have an answer. Only 2 months post replacement your PM/ICD has not had time to form scar tissue and to "get happy" in it's new home. I'll refrain from the phrase "settle in".. :O)

At this point since you don't want to pursue additional surgery and with the pain limiting activities, I'd ask the EP if you can use heat/ice or muscle ache reliever OTC medications. Call the EP's nurse & discuss if you have not already. If they say it's ok, then go purchase one of those microwave heatable bags. From my personal experience, I've found that to be the most adjustable item to "wrap" around the arm or chest area. The OTC medications are too many to even list here. But we can discuss in a private message if need be. **disclaimer: All home treatments should be discussed w/your doctor**

Hope all goes well.. let me/us know.
P.S. I've been "steppin out of my box" the past fews days and have missed the PM site. Like a baby bird leaving the nest!

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