Rides/attaractions at Disney and Universal

I was wondering if I am able to go on any rides at places like Disney or Universal Studios with a PM. Are their any restrictions that anyone knows up?


Been there done that

by AlanVK - 2007-07-11 08:07:59

Well first off talk to your Dr. make sure you are fully healed and the pacemaker is settled. I'm not paced dependent so i gave it a try. I went to Disney/Epcot sfter 6 months had no issues. Rode Aerosmith rockin rollercoaster, Tower of terror, Mission Space. I asked a doctor about the magnets in the new coasters and he asked if it erased my magnetic strip on the credit cards. I said no and he said my ass was alot closer than the PM so have fun..... Love a Cardiologist with a sense of humor.

no problems

by paula07 - 2007-07-11 11:07:48

I was just at Disney World a month ago, 8 weeks after PM implant. I didn't have any problems on the rides, however I didn't ride Aerosmith rock n rollercoaster(i was concerned about the shoulder harness) or mission space(never rode it pre-PM). tower of terror was fine though and so was expedition everest and everything else. i would definitely talk to your dr. tho and see what they say. have fun!!


minor precautions

by slarnerd - 2007-07-23 02:07:35

We just returned from our second trip to Disneyland with our now one-year old son who has a Medtronic pacemaker in his abdomen - and is completely dependent. I researched this issue at length, talked to Medtronic and our EP. There are no problems with interferences from the rides themselves (from the tracks or motors, etc). However, patients have broken leads on the fast roller coasters (California Screamin') when their body slammed against the protective body gear. That said, I know a paced teenager who takes a big piece of foam rubber to the amusement park and straps it to himself as protection and does so with the blessing of his Card/EP. Our EP also warned us about some sort of game in the arcade section at Disney which reads the energy field around you - in fact, it is a strong magnet. On the tapes we ran after our vacations, my son's pacer had no interferences. Hope this information helps!

Enjoy with Dr. Orders

by 423battery - 2007-08-05 08:08:35

NIne years ago when I changed Dr. I asked him what were his thought of roller coaster-? He said he did not like them. I asked if I could ride them. I was told you are 29 years old, go live your life.
PS-get your Dr to write a note that you can't stand in line due to the fatigue.

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