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Hi, I'm 35 female & had my second pacemaker in 2004 but when I had my first 1, I had problems with 1 of the leads, so when they did the second pacemaker they capped the lead to prevent further problems, thinking that everything was ok & working fine I was told during 1 of my check ups that again 1 of the leads were'nt working properly, so they put my appointments to every 3 months.
Also, I've just recently been having chest pains, specially around the area of where my wires lie, the kind of pain as if someone is pulling on them from the inside, it's not constant just on & off but sometimes I get an episode so bad that I clutch at my chest but as quick as it comes it's gone, being top heavy on the chest side I thought that my chest might be the cause of it.
would like hear from anyone with simular problems or any advise.


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by Angie - 2007-09-05 08:09:30

Hi, from 1 of my recent messages "Chest pains" I went to my doctors due the continuing of the chest pains/pocket pain that I was getting, he has made arrangments for me to see my cardiologist & possibly see a plastic surgeon about the best options of either having my left breast lifted or breast reduction.
with the medication that I was taking before was'nt working so I've been perscribbed some cream called "Capsaicin" for mean while.

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