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Hello everyone.

Having a Medtronic pacemaker myself, I became concerned, reading posts involving Medtronic recalls. I did a little research, and came up with this information.
The Sigma Series is the latest in a line of defective Medtronic medical devices; They include:

AT500 pacing system ( mine )
Kappa 600/700 Dual chamber ( D, DR, VDD.)
Thera Implantable Pulse Generators models 7940/41/42/50-- 8940/41/42/48.
Marquis DR model 7274 ICDs
Maximo DR model 7278 ICDs
In-Sync Marquis model 7277 CRT-D

Thank you to the member who asked the question. I would never have thought to check otherwise. Now, whether that makes me feel better is another subject entirely.
Any advice on what steps to take now would be much appreciated.
~ Dominique ~


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