Poem Title: Celebrate Labor Day

Working everyday
morning, noon and night
We deserve a little break
don't you think that's right?

Bring the picnic basket
with all the good things to eat
For today we'll take it easy
and give ourselves a treat

We'll play horseshoes
or maybe some volleyball
We'll do a little swimming
together with friends and all

So celebrate labor day
and whatever your plans may be
Just have lots of fun
and drive carefully

Happy Labor Day!

©2007 Mary Carpio

Happy Labor Day Everybody!
~ Dominique ~


Thanks for the poem!

by auntiesamm - 2007-09-02 10:09:53

Hi Dominique,

I really enjoyed the Labor Day poetry. How well I do remember LD when I was a kid (in those good old days) and how we always had a picnic, cookout, family and friends, etc.. Anymore, seems like these holidays get little notice other than the fact that it is a long weekend. I imagine if a poll were taken about the various holidays few people could explain why it is a special day. The poem tells us what this special day without "labor" is all about. Maybe it is not good to always look back instead of looking at the here and now, the days ahead. What do you think?



by jessie - 2007-09-02 12:09:29

hi i was born on labour day 1941. that year it was september 5th. so i celebrate my birthday around that day every year. nice poem dominique maureen

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