Activity Devices / Med ID Bracelets using QR Code

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I'm new to the forum and battery power, but thrilled to have stumbled upon it and become a member.

Today's question concerns Fitness Activity Devices and Med ID Bracelets utilizing QR Code Scanning Technology. Has anyone had interference issues with either?

I'm considering a MyID™ Medical Bracelet by ENDEVR and the Surge Fitness Super Watch by Fitbit.

What I'm curious about is whether any of the following features could pose a problem with function of my CRT-D:

- PurePulse™ Heart Rate offers continuous, automatic and strap-free heart rate monitoring
- Built-in GPS tracks real-time stats such as time, pace, distance and elevation climbed
- Reads Heart Rate 24/7
- Syncs wirelessly up to 20 feet away with Bluetooth 4.0 to your smartphone, tablet or computer
- Lets you stay connected when your phone is nearby with text and call notifications
- Barcode scanner, calorie estimator, meal shortcuts and expanded food database lets you log meals and snacks

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Interference Fears Assuaged

by KissedByLucille - 2015-01-18 08:01:29

AS1 -

Thank you for the prompt response!

While my electronic scale may in fact be on the fritz, it never occurred to me (new as I am) that my CRT-D may be the reason the numbers take a while to settle.

Looking forward to posting more questions and getting the group's insights.

Best regards!

fitbit surge watch

by sharni93 - 2015-02-05 03:02:01

I would also like to know if the fitbit surge watch is safe to use. For some reason I cannot view the first comment.
Do we have an answer?

fitbit surge

by shestone1964 - 2015-02-11 01:02:47

I can't read the answer about the fitbit surge. I would like to know if it would interfere with my pacemaker.

Fitbit: A-ok

by KissedByLucille - 2015-02-11 03:02:40

Not sure what happened to that first comment, but a group member said it wasn't a problem, and I certainly haven't experienced any issues. So...strap the ol' fitbit on and get after those steps!

Check with doc/manufacturer first

by KissedByLucille - 2015-02-11 03:02:55

Last comment a little too spirited perhaps. While I took this group member's comment about the fitbit and other such toys as the final word, I'd encourage you to: "Always check with your doctor and or manufacturer before using any device"…you know, just to be 100% certain.

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