Feel my pacemaker pacing

I have had my pacemaker 11 months. I had an AV node ablation. My problem is that I am aware of the pacemaker almost constantly. My EP Doc says that I am just overly sensitive. I had much rather not feel it beating. Anyone else with this problem. Mine is ST. JUDE MEDICAL # 5386.


You are not alone

by chessntampa - 2007-07-23 03:07:56

Hi Nooney,

I received my implant (same as yours) in Jan of this year on an emergency basis - no prior heart issues. I feel this thing pace everytime and was told that I would 'get use to it'. I have had it adjusted three times. Not only do I feel the pace, but it takes 20+ minutes for my vital signs to level back out. I also think that the location of the unit has something to do with it, mine is very high.


by ridera - 2007-07-23 05:07:20

If it were me, I'd call St. Jude's support people and get them involved.

What you are describing doesn't sound normal.

High Voltage

by bini - 2007-07-23 08:07:30

Hi Nooney,
It really does sound like high voltage. I got my first pm on June 27th and for 3 nights after I could not sleep at all. I kept feeling this awful pounding and was just so frustrated. Fortunatly my Dr was very good at explaining the situation to me. He had to turn down the voltage bc it was set to high and he said my heart was very sensative (like a childs). As soon as he turned down the voltage that night I was able to finally sleep! Be persistant with your Dr and make sure he listens to your complaints do not give up, there is no reason you should be suffering like this. Good Luck-

aren't we ALL oversensitive?!

by bambi - 2007-07-23 09:07:19

Hi Nooney,
I have the same model pacemaker as you. This is my second one. If you look at the St. Jude website, and look at the description of this model, you'll find that it is a model that addresses many specific problems and it is capable of many modes and "bells and whistles"! My EP called it the Cadillac of pacemakers. You should see your Dr. and have him take the time to adjust your pacer to make YOU feel comfortable! It infuriates me when I hear Dr.s, including my own, pat us on the head, and tell us we are too sensitive! Are they living with this device in their chests? Regardless of what they think, and what the computer printouts that let them know how the device is functioning say, wouldn't it be refreshing to have one of them ask," So, how are you feeling?" And then really listen! I know my needs and dependence on my pacemakers that I've had for 7 years now, are constantly changing. It seems like the manufacturers of the pacemakers/ICDs are creating better models to help our comfort level - now if only our Dr.s would use them! Has he checked your voltage? I do hope you don't accept the "oversensitive" kiss off! That's like saying to a patient," It's all in your head dear!"

St. Jude-No help

by nooney01 - 2007-07-23 10:07:37

I have had this thing tested and adjusted so many times. The St. Jude techs have given up. One of them told me they thought it was the positioning of the implant or the lead,but they ask me not to repeat that to the doctor that put it in. They acted like it might be on a nerve or something. They won't take responsibility and the doctor says that everything is in perfect position.My only alternative is to have the lead taken out and repositioned. I just don't think I am ready for that yet.The doctor said I would probably still feel it(referring to my oversensitiveness). Wish I had an answer.
Thanks for all the comments.

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