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Admin. and others...I was just wondering if those of you who have recently used the private message feature on this forum have had this problem: I go to enter the person's name to send a message to and it says in red next to it "invalid user" when you KNOW that isn't right (re: that person exists on the site and is an active member)? I continue with the meesage anyways and then send it hoping it sends--and it seems like it has. The message pops up in my 'sent' folder. I haven't heard back from any one I've messaged (which is totally cool), but I don't know if my message has even really gone through.

Can any one give me some insight on this?
Thanks a million beats!



by cottontop - 2007-08-21 10:08:15

I tried to send a private reply to someone who I probably typed for 45 min. to an hour. Tried to send it 3 times and the screen would be blank. It was still in my compose but not in my sent folder. Had to post general message to person to ask if she had received any of them and she replyed no. I was so upset as she needed my help and in trying to help her I always realize something about myself. I always try to chose my words carefully so I had written alot. Haven't even tried since then. Need help also! I started to get depressed about it and since then I felt Satan was not going to let me minister to this person! I need to try again.


same thing has happened to me!

by bambi - 2007-08-22 12:08:19

I just type in the person's name completely. You know how you start typing the person's first initial and a list of names that start with that letter pop up? Don't scroll down to that name and click on it. Just continue completing the person's name. I have also tried to send lengthy messages and they never go through! One suggestion would be to exchange regular e-mail addresses with the person you are trying to reach and then you can send lengthy notes to your heart's content!
Good luck!

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