First tech dropped the ball!

I just went in for a 6 month check up with St Jude. The first technician, who had 23 years with the company, said he needed to make a couple of adjustments. He did and I went home. I felt on edge and a little weak. I called my Doc and went back in the next morning. A new tech was there from St Jude and hooked me up to the machine. In five minutes she stopped and said she had to talk to the Doc. He came in the room in a few minutes and sent me for a chest xray. One hour later he showed me the xray showing one of the leads had moved from the upper heart to the lower heart with the other one. He was very pleased with the 2nd tech who found the problem and maybe saved my life. He said he is going to complain about the first tech who missed the problem. I go in tomorrow for surgery to move the lead (I hope).


Scary experience

by Surferman - 2007-04-25 11:04:05

I"m glad you didn't wait and get right into your MD's office and get the second tech. to check out your PM.Best of luck tomorrow on you surgery; we all hold positive thoughts for you and will keep you in our prays.
I have a St. Jude and have been very impressed by the two company techs that have checked me out. Best of luck. Surferman

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