tightness and sensitivity

Hi I'm new to this but lately I have been having a tightness in my chest and around my defibrillator I have also been very sensitive in my chest even when I wear a t-shirt I have to pull it away from my chest to get relief ,my cardiologist said it is because I have had two different bypasses and that I have damaged nerves from surgery,I was just wondering if this is normal! I had my first bypass in 1991 and second in 1993 but didn't think should stil sensitive after 14 years!!


tightness and sensitivity

by zapper - 2007-10-30 11:10:38

In regards to the tightness around your implant site I experienced the same thing. Its been a year since I've had mine put in and theres days when it feels tight and theres days that I dont even feel it. Early on after having it put in was the worse for being tight and itchy, but over time those feelings get less and less. You didn't say how long ago your device was put in but it should ease up for you. Have a good day.

Me too!

by Aztec - 2007-10-31 09:10:51

i had one put in in june 07 and im having the same trouble as you mine is in as a safe guard cause i had a spell and almost fainted but dint so my doctor said it may never go off but good to have , But if this feeling dosent go away im having it removed ...

Take care.

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