Due to the increasing amount of cordless phones, does everybody think the check-ups will change with the pacemaker checks ? I found its getting harder and harder to find a land-line phone when I shopped for one.



by lana - 2007-08-22 12:08:53

I have a cordless, and my checker device is plugged into the base, that runs off the phone line, which then is land-line.


Pain in A**

by sweetkozy - 2007-08-23 01:08:27

I hope they can someday come up with a way to check it by using your cell phone. It has become a pain in my a** lately. We just recently moved and do not have a land line nor do we plan to get one, but it does make it hard to set up my telechecks. I have phone checks once a month now and I always have to go over to relatives house to have it checked. Actually the last time I went there land line phone wasn't working somehow, so I had to grab a cordless phone. I pretended I was on a land line phone. It worked, but not until I moved around the house a little to get rid of the interference. I had to hold the phone the whole time. LOL Oh well...someday they will catch up and invent something a little more convienient, as land line phones are harder and harder to come by. GRRRRRR!



by Susan - 2007-08-23 09:08:32

I use my cordless phone with my battery operated monitor. No problems. Maybe a change in monitors would help you.

No land-line, no problem for Biotronik

by jxrober - 2007-08-24 03:08:15


All of Biotronik's PMs and ICD are equipped with Home Monitoring, a wireless Early Detection technology they developed 5 years ago. The patient does not interract with the monitor at all. Transmissions from the implant occur everyday normally when the patient is asleep and are captured wirelessly by the monitor and transmitted via cell to the following Cardiologist's secure website, so the doctor can see everything in the preceeding 24 hours from anywhere in the world there is an internet connection. Anywhere there is cell coverage the patient is monitored. The monitors also have land-line connections too.

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