PM phone check-ups

I have had my PM for 5 years now and I used to have them checked over the phone every 3 months, then it became every 2 months, and for the last 5 months it has been every month. I see my EP doc once a year (July) and have a PM check in the office every year. By them changing my phone checks once a month, does that mean that my PM battery is on it's last leg? Just curious if anyone knows.

I have my yearly PM check in the office tomorrow, so I guess I will find out for sure then. Just wanted a heads up is all. Thanks



check- ups

by patpeter - 2007-06-20 07:06:43

HI Jenny, usually they increase the phone checks when the battery is nearing it's end, but the battery doesn't just quite ,you have quite a bit of time when they tell you it's time for a new one. So I bet the MD tells you that tomorrow, and if he doesn't then be sure to ask. Hope that helps, take care and let us know what happens.

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