~*~Happy Birthday to BOWLRBOB!!~*~

Happy, Happy Birthday..... from all of us to you!
Happy, Happy Birhtday....in 1942!
Bowlrbob: March 24, 1942
Happy Birthday Bob! I hope you have a great birthday. Do you realize that your b-date is very cool? March 24, and then your year: 1942. Then you could switch it and be like the year: 1924 and March 42....only i now just realized it doesn't make sense, so never mind, hahahaLOL!!!
take care,


happy birthday

by jessie - 2007-03-23 08:03:24

he he happy birthday. we were born during ww 11 it was an exiting time for our parents. i don't remember much but the soldiers coming back and the parties on the street where we lived. my 2 uncles were there . they were soldiers. well that was then and now another lifetime has gone by almost but with these little babies who knows? so happy happy birthday bob take care . have lots of cake jessie

Thank You Valerie

by bowlrbob - 2007-03-23 09:03:46

Val, it is very nice of you to take the time to wish us happy birthday. I don't know how you keep up. Now I just want everyone to know that although tomorrow is my 65 th. It is actually only my year and 1/2 because that is how long I have had my PM. Because of the PM, I have been granted the time to continue doing the things I love. I still work (yuk) just kidding and I still bowl which you can tell from my handle. Since the pm was implanted I have had 2 - 800 series you bowlers will know what that is. I have won 2 scratch tournaments I rolled a 300 game 3 weeks ago and I'am leaving for the national tournament in Reno in 1 week. Then I go on to Las Vegas for a national Senior High Roller tournament. None of this would have happened without the PM. I also continue to write a national Bowling column for many Bowling papers and some web sites around the country. Anyway thanks again Valerie and thanks also to all of you who are members of this site for the encouragement I needed in the beginning to keep going. I thought life as I knew it was over. I was wrong it was just beginning. Bowlrbob

you are unique

by jessie - 2007-03-24 03:03:16

yes i do believe you have a shocking device in your pacemaker. how else could you remember so much? lol lol lol so what other little stories do you have to-day miss california girl? i too am waiting for the bugs to work there way out. in the meantime i am yours truly from walleyworld ontario canada hehehehe


by valerie - 2007-03-24 04:03:31

Glad you liked the birthday wish, hehehe :) And for that, I believe I get 50% of your winnings for your Bowling and your gambling wins, but since its your birthday, I'll cut you some slack......30%. lol! jk.

Hi there Susan, I've been around. I'm too lazy and tired at the moment to figure out this new site, hahahaha. It'll be a slow process, but I'll get there....eventually, hahaha.

Until then, you must savor my wonderfully un-corny jokes. lol.
take care!


by valerie - 2007-03-24 04:03:37

I have an electric shocking program in my pacemaker. It shocks me every time someone's birthday approaches.

:) haha.

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