My deepest apologies to Bob (bowlrbob). I’m so sorry for not typing this sooner! Hopefully you were born in the western time zone; specifically anytime after 9pm. This way, I still have at least 3 more hours to wish you a

Bowlrbob: March 24, 1942
I hope you have (or had *sigh*) a wonderful day! I assume you like to bowl? If so, then let me restate my apology this way: Please excuse my gutter ball, lol
Take care,



by valerie - 2007-05-25 01:05:11

Fired?! Will I get to collect unemployment? lol

So, you like to celebrate birthdays all year? That means I'm over 365 years old. :) Call the media! lol jk.
You're right, every day is a great day to celebrate life. :)

H BD T Y, Bowlrbob!

by auntiesamm - 2007-05-25 01:05:54

Hello and Happy Birthday Bob - Had I known it was your BD on March 24 I would have sent you a great gift! HaHa! Now, I am sending my sincere VERY belated wishes to you. We may have to fire Valerie......what do you think? Just kidding, Val! I believe in celebrating the entire year then starting all over the next BD so have a terrific next 10 months!

Happy Belated Birthday!

by tcrabtree85 - 2007-05-25 02:05:28

Hope your b-day was amazing.

Sorry we missed the day!

by Rewiredaussiegirl - 2007-05-25 08:05:17

Hi Bob
A very Happy Birthday.Hope you had a great day!!-Kay

happy birthday

by jessie - 2007-05-28 01:05:56

belated happy birthday to you bowlrbob. hope it was a great day and you had a yummy cake! that valerie has to tape her list up in front of her computer and not miss a person. anyhoo we will forgive her because she is a great little pacer and such a funny person who helps everyone chuckle and see the bright side of things. don't get her going on seafood whatever you do. she hates it as food lol lol hope you didn't have it for your birthday. what did you have by the way? lol lol jessie

birthday food

by valerie - 2007-05-28 04:05:32

Yes, what did you have for your birthday?
The list is not taped on my computer! Its on the ceiling, lol. jk
Who in the world would like to eat food that is marinated in salt water their whole lives? yucky. lol
it's probably bad for your pacemaker anyway, at least that's what I tell myself, hehehe.
take care,
"fish are friends, not food"

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