Tammy's Update

Hi pacer world,
I'm sure you all remember Tammy (member name: tcrabtree85). Well, I just got an update from her and she made it through her ablation and she is feeling well (she just sounds a bit tired, but that's expected). Her ablation lasted 3 hours, which she said is the shortest one she's had. Her pulse is now 70! (vs. 100 or so before the ablation).
She is just waiting to get the okay to move around, and she should be discharged tomorrow afternoon. Why they are unleashing this person..., I have no idea. Lock your doors. lol jk

Anyway, Tammy said "thanks for all the prayers." Obviously, they worked for her; that's great :)
take care,


way to go tammy

by jessie - 2007-06-19 08:06:04

tammy great! way to go. doesn't valerie have a sense of humour. i am trying to type while eating an frozen choc bar. the freezer is in the office where the computer is.so take care girl and hope you are up and about soon jessie


by CathrynB - 2007-06-20 01:06:42

Yay for Tammy! So glad to hear the good news that all seems to be well post-ablation for Tammy, and thanks so much for the report, Valerie! Will we get another update when she's home from the hospital? Especially glad to hear the heart beat rate seems to be good and healthy. You go, Girl -- hang in there and here's wishing you a quick recovery!! Take care, Cathryn

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