CHF & 3 lead

Hi everyone. Another problem/question. My husband just had his 2 lead ICD (implanted 10/06) changed on Monday to a bi-ventricular 3 lead due to CHF. Came home Tues., went back in on Thurs. due to a low grade fever. Nothing showed up on blood tests. He was given IV antibiotics and now oral at home We finally got out on Sunday. They "think" he may have had a pneumonia in his right lung. When we went in on Monday for the ICD his weight was 120. When we went back in on Thursday his weight was up to 126. I mentioned this to the drs. and they gave him lasix IV and I think that's why they kept him the extra night. His weight is still up 125.5 tonight and his feet and ankles look really puffy to me - more so than when he had the other ICD. I'll give him extra Lasix and see if that helps. Any thoughts as to why his feet would swell with the new device and not the other one? We don't know for sure if the new device will actually help with the CHF - only 60% chance. Anyone have experience with biventricular for CHF? Thanks for any help. Kathy


CHF & 3rd Lead

by SMITTY - 2007-05-29 12:05:31

Hi Kathy,

I don’t have any answers, but I’ll be very interested in the results of the 3rd lead to help CHF. I have had this type PM offered to me a couple of times so far, but my EF has been not low enough for me to want to take that trip just yet. But, the day is getting closer I’m sure. As for the fluid retention, can I suggest that you be very careful with the Lasix increase? I’ve been taking Lasix for at least 20 years and I learned the hard way that too much (sometimes it does not take an increase in dosage) will cause the most God awful muscle cramps you can imagine. (I take potassium to help prevent the muscle cramps and it does help but does not stop them.)

Your hubby has been through a lot so it may take a few days for things to return to normal. So, if it were me, unless the swelling gets to be really bad, I would hold off on any changes in medication unless told to change something by my doctor. If the swelling does get bad enough for concern (less than 8 lb. wt. gain is not very much for an adult) I would give the doctor a call. Of course, if he starts coughing, don’t wait for wt. gain to call the doctor as pneumonia and/or fluid retention can cause that.

I wish him a speedy recovery.


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