Im getting used to this...

Hi all! God bless all the great people at this wonderful site. I just wanted to say that i am slowly getting used to my new self now. I know i may never be the same i used to be but its okay. In the beginning i used to question God a lot and ask him "why?" but He told me not to ask why anymore and that he has a miracle for me some day. I believe it! So anyway, just to keep u guys posted on my health...i have been resting a lot and taking it easy. STill get a lot of pvc's but i dont get the fainting spells any more. Sometimes i get some dizziness but pretty much it is controlled with medications. I am still having sob when i walk too fast and go up the stairs but that is just a new normal for me. I am just thankful that i am alive and that even though i have this pacemaker it is not the end of the world. Thank you all for helping me and giving me great advice. I am going to see another cardiologist in august so please pray for me. Take care and God bless.


PM a Blessing!

by auntiesamm - 2007-07-03 03:07:17

Hi Brokenheart - Welcome to this very elite group of folks who will become some of your very best friends! We all have stories to tell and each has responded differently to their need for a pacemaker. For me it is truly a blessing and I thank the Lord every single day for this wonderful little piece of technology. My pacemaker was a surprise to me: felt like I had the flu at work, went home, checked BP/HR, called primary care doc, had EKG in her office and went immediately to the ER. I was in 3rd degree HB. To ICU and within 36 hrs. had a pacemaker implanted. Did it upset me? NO Way - I am so grateful to know I had a problem and got it fixed before anything tragic could occur. Every single day I feel so reassured that this little gem is working and I have more energy, good color and no more of those little "blips" that I did not understand! It has been 15 months now and I seldom think of my pacemaker; I just get on with life. You will get to this place no doubt; but everyone is on their own timeline. You did not state your age but I believe younger people react quite differently than we Seniors (I am 67) do. You will most definitely be on my prayer list and I will ask the Lord to help you adjust to the PM and to understand how very fortunate you are. Think positive and keep the faith.
God bless you.

it takes time

by jessie - 2007-07-03 12:07:49

you know at first you can't quite believe it and then reality sets in that you have a pacemaker and life will never quite be the same again. i felt so terrible before that any imporvement was good. now i have to just take care of myself from day to day and hope and pray that i am okay as time goes by. i had chf at the time so have to make sure i take my meds for this and do what i need to do to stay healthy. this site has been a godsend for me for sure. take care and all the best jessie

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